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Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

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I have never been as far behind on TiVo as I am today. With a four-day trip to LA, a two-week trip to Tucson, and two young girls, we’ve done very little TiVo watching recently.

Of course, with our DVR Expander drive, I don’t sweat it — too much. Al our shows are sitting there, waiting for us.

I bring all this up to explain that it took until last night for Lauren and me to finish Season 2 of Damages. I liked the season, though not quite as much as Season 1.

Looking back over all of the second season, though, some major logical fallacies come into play. Luckily, this article enumerates them so that I don’t have to.

Posted on April 19th, 2009