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Introducing 'Facebook Improved'

Over the weekend, I created a few new Safari extensions. Some of them, I just can’t share. But there’s one — still nascent, yet already useful — that I’m ready to let others enjoy:

Facebook Improved, unsurprisingly, improves Facebook: It removes stuff I never look at (the otherwise ever-present call-out to create events, certain ad units). It converts the font to Helvetica, and bumps up the font size in various places that Facebook weirdly leaves it too small. And it attempts to improve line-height and font layout, too.

Update: Version 1.1 is out, though I have no idea if I’ve implemented auto-updating correctly. The new feature included is one that Facebook should definitely do on its own, but doesn’t. When you’re on a friend’s profile, instead of simply saying “Write something…” in the text entry box — you know, the one that looks exactly like the one you use to update your own status, but is in fact for writing on your friend’s page instead — will say “Write something on [Friend’s Name]’s wall…” You’re welcome.

Update 2: Version 1.1.1 changes the name to “Facebook Improved,” since a separate tool called “Better Facebook” already exists.

I already vastly prefer Facebook with the extension. 

Check it out, and of course let me know your thoughts.

Posted on August 2nd, 2010