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The best iPad apps (to date)

A week and a half is plenty of time to judge the quality of launch-day iPad apps, right? Well, since we’re agreed, here’s my take on some of the best iPad apps out there right now:

1. Netflix. The app works like magic, and truly feels like the future. You can watch any of thousands upon thousand of movies, at your fingertips, in seconds.

2. Kindle. I’ve spent a little time with iBooks too, and I like it, but I already own dozens of Kindle books, so my reading’s been focused there. Kindle for iPad is the real deal; I use “sepia” by day and white-on-black by night. And knowing that you can pick up from exactly the same page on your iPhone while you wait in line is simply magical.

3. Instapaper. I’m admittedly a very late Instapaper adopter. But the reading experience on the iPad is so pleasant that I’m now leveraging the browser and NetNewsWire shortcuts a lot. The “Pro” version of the iPad app works just beautifully.

4.  Pages. Pages on the Desktop is fine. Pages on the iPad is really elegant. I enjoy writing longer pieces with it on my iPad (using the Keyboard Dock). It’s a 1.0 release and needs updates like a word count feature and change tracking, but it’s strong as is.

5. Strategery. As Gruber wrote recently, the 3.0 upgrade to make this lovely Risk-esque game iPad-friendly took a major stumble. But a series of subsequent upgrades since iPad launch day have resolved those issues. There’s no game I play on my iPhone more than Strategery, and it’s the second-most played game on my iPad, too. 

6. Flight Control HD is in first place in that contest. Unlike Strategery, Flight Control requires a brand new purchase to go iPad-friendly. But it’s worth the $5 asking price. The game is excellent.

7. New York Times Editor’s Choice. The best of the Times. Free.

8. KidArt. A drawing/stamping app/game for kids. Mine love it. So I do, too.

9. Redacted. It’ll launch later this week, and it’s the most fun I’ve had on my iPad yet. Not a game, though.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s own built-in apps—particularly Mail and Safari—are truly excellent on the iPad, too.

Posted on April 14th, 2010