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I chose Gmail over Mail.app years ago

Mavericks Gmail and Mail.app don’t work well together. I know because I’ve seen many, many articles about this online. But I haven’t read most of them closely. Because I love Gmail, and I loathe Mail.app.

My email solution is simple: I use Gmail, on the web. I use Fluid, site-specific browser, to make a custom email app for myself on my Mac for my personal email. And I also use Mailplane for my work account.

It surprises me that I prefer a web-based email solution. I always looked at webmail as a method of last resort; native apps were forever preferable. Until a couple years ago, when I grew frustrated with Mail.app for some reason or another. I don’t remember what the latest thing to annoy me was, but I recall that I turned to Gmail on the web whenever I needed to search for something, since searching there was ridiculously fast compared to Mail.app’s.

Finally, I threw in the towel and decided to give Gmail on the web a go full-time. Years later, I’m still there. And I love it.

Gmail on the web works the way I want my email to work. I rely on its keyboard shortcuts: Send and Archive is wonderful; quick keyboard access to deleting messages I’ll never need again and archiving the rest is perfect. I can’t claim to achieve daily inbox zero, but my inbox is managed way better in Gmail’s interface than Mail’s.

I have no issues trusting Gmail as my sorta-IMAP provider: Its reliability beats almost everyone else’s, its search is unparalleled, and its storage is ample. Using Gmail as my mail backend means I can use Mailbox on my iPhone, which I love. It means I can access a familiar spin on my inbox wherever I am. Where some feel like foreigners as they traverse their inbox on the web, for me it’s always home.

I suspect Apple will eventually find a way to make Mail work better with Gmail. But I don’t care. I’ll peek into Mail with each OS X release, but Gmail on the web has simply proven itself as a reliable, speedy, and effective way for me to manage my inbox. I’m happy with it.

Posted on November 3rd, 2013