Lex Friedman blogs here.

Lex is the EVP of Sales and Development for Midroll, the world's best podcast advertising network.

He was previously Macworld's senior writer, and continues to contribute to the publication. He is the cohost of the Not Playing podcast, a cohost of the Turning This Car Around podcast, a cohost of the The Rebound podcast, and the sole host of the Your Daily Lex podcast.

Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

You should follow him on both Twitter and App.net.

Lex would be delighted to speak at your awesome event.

Jared Moshe and Unprofessional t-shirts

You have just three days left to buy an Unprofessional t-shirt. Don't make the biggest mistake of your life. And also don't forget to buy a shirt. 

On our most recent episode, we hosted Jared Moshé, the writer/director of the indie western Dead Man's Burden. Take a listen to Eages Versus Giants

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Posted on May 12th, 2013