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He is the cohost of the Not Playing podcast, a cohost of the Turning This Car Around podcast, a cohost of the The Rebound podcast, and the sole host of the Your Daily Lex podcast.

Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

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Shelter in Place

After previous attacks against the country, our elected leaders have urged us to get back to work, to start living life normally again; failure to do so, it is said, means that the terrorists "win."

I want everyone responsible for the Boston Marathon attack caught and punished. But with Boston and its surrounding towns and cities all shut down right now, who is winning on Friday, April 19?

Telling everyone to stay inside and lock their doors seems kind of, you know, terror-ish.

I'm not suggesting that the current response is wrong. I am saying that it's rather disconcerting.

Posted on April 19th, 2013