Lex Friedman blogs here.

Lex is the Chief Revenue Oficer for ART19, the world's biggest podcasting company.

He was previously Chief Business Development Officer at Midroll, Macworld's senior writer, and the co-founder of a diet tracking website in the pre-iPhone era. Not all at the same time.

He is the cohost of the Not Playing podcast, a cohost of the Turning This Car Around podcast, a cohost of the The Rebound podcast, and the sole host of the Your Daily Lex podcast.

Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

You should follow Lex on Twitter.

Dave Coulier on Unprofessional

This week's Unprofessional features Dave Coulier. For realsies.

Dave is a hoot on the show, and he is kind of exactly what you'd hope he'd be: Funny, down-to-earth, and full of excellent, poop-related stories.

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Posted on March 19th, 2013