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John Flansburgh on Unprofessional

My first They Might Be Giants album was, at turns out, two albums. That’s because, unbeknownst to me at the time, the illegal, immoral, and unethical dubbed cassette my sister made for me contained the band’s self-titled debut album on one side, and Flood on the other.

I thought it seemed awfully long.

I also thought it seemed awesome.

I’ve paid for those albums—and every other TMBG album—at least twice since, in both cassette and CD form.

They Might Be Giants are exactly what I want out of music. TMBG remains my favorite band now, a rank the band first ascended to maybe two decades ago or so.

So, as you might imagine, it was a thrill when co-frontman and co-founder John Flansburgh dropped by this week’s episode of Unprofessional

My two biggest fears going into the recording session: What if John hated me? And, even worse, what if I somehow didn't like John?

The fears were unnecessary. John was a perfect guest.

Posted on February 13th, 2013