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Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

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The Jason Snell episode

When Dave Wiskus and I first began working on what became the Unprofessional podcast, we recorded a slew of episodes together that you've never heard. Though our focus wasn't technology, we did on occasion turn our critical eyes upon various news items from the tech world, since we both kind of live in it daily.

But then my boss—or more accurately, my boss's boss—weighed in. Jason Snell pointed out that it might be undesirable for me to have a podcast where I talk about tech, given that I have a day job where I a) write about tech, and on occasion b) podcast about tech.

So Jason asked that we avoid referencing technology on the show. That meant scrapping a bunch of episodes, but it had two big benefits:

1. Doing the show wouldn't get me fired, and

2. The show became far more interesting.

Two tech guys talking about tech stuff is a great formula, but it's been done, plenty, and very well. Two guys talking with other people about everything but their day jobs—i.e., the new Unprofessional formula—turns out pretty damn well.

Anyway, I'm pleased with this week's episode with guest Jason Snell. The title, of course, is Lex Gets Fired.

The episode was sponsored by the wonderful people at Igloo, who can replace the crappy intranet you're forced to use to stay in sync at work. And they're giving away a $150 iTunes gift card to an Unprofessional listener, too. 

Posted on October 4th, 2012