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Lex's first book, The Snuggie Sutra, is exactly what it sounds like. His most recent book is a Dr. Seuss parody for adults; it's called The Kid in the Crib.

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IM'ing How I Met Your Mother

Lauren was upstairs putting the baby to sleep. I was waiting for her to come down so that we could watch How I Met Your Mother. Then she IM'd me. Then I got nutty. Well, nuttier.

Lauren: Worst lap to bed transfer in the history of time. If I had thrown him in there like a football, I probably would have had a higher chance of success than whatever it was that I just did.

Lex: Don't you disparage the great game of football.

Lex: Here's what I'll do

Lex: I'll watch HIMYM

Lex: and I'll IM you each line.

Lex: Barney: Ted, Suit up!

Lex: Ted: What? No.

Lex: Barney: I like boobs.

Lex: Ted: I am telling my kids you said that, years from now, when I have kids.

Lex: Barney: Nice.

Lex: Barney: (cont'd) And you'll tell them I was your best friend, right?

Lex: Ted: No, Marshall's my best friend.

Lex: Marshall: I love Lily.

Lex: Robin: My part is very small.

Lex: Lily: Sounds familiar.

Lauren: Hahaha

Lex: Ba ba ba ba baaaaa ba ba ba ba baaaaaaa

Lauren: Goat?

Lex: theme song

Lauren: Ahhhh

Lex: INT. McCalren's, night

Lex: Robin: We spend a lot of time at this bar.

Lex: Lily: We are all functional alcoholics. I mean, I was, until I got pregnant.

Lex: Marshall (whispered, to Ted and Barney): She still drinks in the closet.

Lex: Marshall (cont'd, to Lily): And we love you for it, honey.

Lauren: Do you write this show?

Lex: Barney: Suit up. I like boobs. Legen, wait for it, dairy. I'm portrayed by a gay dude.

Lex: Ted: That's not really relevant.

Lex: Barney: Neither is your character or the title of this show. You're kind of the least interesting character.

Lex: Lily: Sounds familiar.

Lex: Commercial.

I married up.


Posted on October 16th, 2011