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RIP, Apple iPad Keyboard Dock, you miserable bastard

I support and agree with Apple's decision to make the iPad 2 thinner and sleeker than its predecessor. 

I am deeply frustrated, however, that it renders my $70 iPad Keyboard Dock useless. I bought the base model iPad last year knowing that I would want to upgrade to the iPad's sequel. But I figured that iPad accessories—headphones, adapters, chargers, and that Keyboard Dock would work with that hypothetical new model.

I was wrong about the Keyboard Dock. 

I don't mind when I need a new case for a new product; Apple changes form factors reliably, and cases genearlly aren't too pricey. But a $70 keyboard that will now only ever have worked with a single Apple device seems a bit different.

I can't think of another example of an Apple-branded accessory with such a short shelf-life and lack of future-proofing. There are kludgey workarounds—you could run a cable from the Keyboard Dock to your indepedently propped-up iPad 2—but I wish Apple offered a cheap (or free!) adapter for folks like me. An early adopter adapter, if you will.

I've ordered Apple's slim Bluetooth keyboard now. As I wrote a little less than a year ago, if I'd had it to do over again, I would have gone that way first. But Apple created the Keyboard Dock, and it will only ever have worked with the iPad 1. I bought it. And I regret it.

Posted on March 11th, 2011