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Friedman's Razor

Earlier today, I submitted this letter to the makers of the Gillette Fusion razor:

Let me be honest: I hate shaving. 

I've tried numerous razors, both electric and acoustic, over the past 15 years of shaving. A year and a half ago, I switched to the Fusion Power, and I was very happy with it. I never get a perfect shave, but the Fusion afforded me a better (and less painful) one that most other options.

One real pleasure with the Fusion was that my blades lasted for a long, long time. I could use the same blade for a dozen or more shaves—sometimes double that!—and that was awesome.

More recently, the Fusion blades I'm buying are, in a word, terrible. I don't know whether you've declared war on my face, my wallet, or both, but the last two packages of Fusion blades I purchased (from Amazon.com) stank on ice. The blades lasted at most three shaves, with the lubricating strip nearly erased by day two. 

And shaving with them hurts, which it never used to do. I thought I'd bought one bad pack and was willing to write it off, but the follow-up pack had the same problem. 

Did you guys change your blade-making formula? No other ingredient of my shaving ritual has changed—not my shaving cream, not my face, not my water temperature.

This is 100% true: I found a single, old, unused blade from my initial purchase of the Fusion and started shaving with it last week. Like the blades of old that are now but a fond memory, it's been working great. The lubricating strip remains fresh after 7 or 8 shaves, the feel is good, and I'm as happy with shaving as I can be.

But I know that when I pick up the next blade from my open pack, it's going to feel lousy. 

What changed? What can I do to go back to my preferred shaving experience from yesteryear?

My face and I thank you for any advice.

Lex Friedman

Posted on February 13th, 2011