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2011: The Year in Apple, from next December

Plenty of tech publications share 2010 roundups, like the 10 biggest Apple stories of the year. But that’s boring to me—we all just lived through 2010! I’m much more interested in a roundup of Apple news from next year. And thus, I’m pleased to present this roundup of Apple’s biggest stories from 2011.

1. The iPad 2. In April 2011, eager tablet fans around the world started unboxing their new iPad 2s. Some, like Andy Ihnatko, posted video of the process. The new iPad 2, as expected, included two cameras, a faster processor, more RAM, and an improved display. The surprising news was that an Apple-build Angry Birds knockoff—Angry Avians—now ships on the device.

The price on the original iPad dropped to just $14.

2. The iPhone 5. In June of 2011, April introduced not just the AT&T version of the phone, but also several other flavors: a Verizon edition, a surprising T-Mobile version, and in the biggest surprise of all, an unlocked version that cost just $34,000.

A white version of iPhone 5 was promised “soon.” It has yet to arrive.

3. In August 2011, Apple unveiled Apple TV 3. The device now includes a small handful of apps never released for other iOS devices. There’s an app that teaches juggling and card tricks, another for organizing stamps, and a third that creates a virtual train set. While Apple TV itself is no longer a hobby, it’s geared strictly toward hobbyists.

4. Oh, at some point, Macs received minor speed and design upgrades.

5. Steve Jobs stunned the tech press by appearing at an Apple event in a midnight blue turtleneck.

6. Apple released a crappy, subpar version of the iPad that was just 7” big. Wait, no, that wasn’t Apple. That was a dozen of its supposed competitors. None of them sold well.

7. In the biggest Apple news of the year, the company finally restored the proper orientation lock behavior for the iPad’s hardware switch.

Posted on December 30th, 2010